Golden Temple, a place of devotion and peace

Religion or faith have no bar here. You could even be non-religious. Yet, the sanctity of Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as Golden Temple will touch your heart. It is located in the city of Amritsar in one of the northern states of India, Punjab.

Main entrance of the Golden Temple in Amritsar

The long path in the lake is the approach to the main temple. Inspite of round the clock devotees, discipline prevails.

The Golden Temple is the most revered gurudwara for the Sikhs. Harmandir Sahib is its official name. But due to its the gold plated building, devotees lovingly refer to it as the Golden Temple.


The main building of the Golden Temple is surrounded by a lake. People of all religions come here in huge numbers to offer prayers and take a dip in this supposedly holy lake.

We spent an entire day at the Golden temple. Spent hours sitting by the lake on the sparkling clean floor, admiring the beautiful Golden Temple in front. We could just feel the devotion in the air.

Golden Temple in the golden hours

Both the sunrise and the sunset are glorious in the premises of the Golden Temple.

As the sun sets, the Golden Temple is bathed in beautiful yellow and blue lights. You can actually spend the entire night at the Golden Temple. Just get a sleeping mat and lie down on the marble around the holy lake and enjoy a blissful night.

The long wait in the queue to get inside the Golden Temple is totally worth it. Have patience as the queue slowly but steadily inches forward. Because The insides have to be seen to be believed. Photography isn’t permitted inside. You have to store in your memory the beauty that accosts you. It is two floors of sheer brilliance. Probably even more beautiful than the Taj Mahal!

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